Community Board | Creating Green Spaces

Take part in my Community Board on Pinterest! I re-discovered Pinterest a couple weeks ago and haven't stopped pinning. I love the fact that I can itemize and group everything I come across. Warning: This is highly addictive.

I would hope that my (OUR)  first "Community Board" inspires you to add high resolution images from around the net, or taken personally. I would love for this board to inspire all of us to create unique GREEN spaces in whatever small or large capacity; clear cell phone shots, professional photos, magazine scans, net images etc... Be sure to attach a source!

Elsa Lambinent | Don't Play With Food

"Don't Play With Food," is an incredible diploma project by Elsa Lambinent. Imagine the possibilities, endless heavenly chocolate combinations.

Livestock | Chickens For Waste

The French village of Pince, according to the BBC News is said to be handing out chickens to cut down on waste. They have proposed that just by giving two chickens to each household the chickens would consume 150kg of organic waste per year. The chickens would also provide the families with eggs. The families that express interest will receive their chickens in september. This is such a unique idea. Apparently it all started as a joke by the mayor. 


Spring Clean | Utility & Quality

From the top and across: (1) Hand-crafted brushes from Germany, Redecker (2) Sheila Maid Ceiling Aired, a pulley dryer that has been an industry workhorse for more than a century (3) A collection of streamlined functional products from Cargo Collective (4) Toilet brush holder via Remodelista (5) Hooks are great for creating extra storage via Martha Stewart 

How many times to you go to your: plastic bucket, plastic broom, plastic dustpan, plastic mop and cringe at the touch of these cheap, inexpensive and very disposable items? This is one of my pet-peeves -- PLASTIC! I did a paper in University on Shaker style and combined with my love of Martha Stewart's Bedford home, I pretty much was converted over to the approach of quality and utility when it comes to honest, simple, and timeless design. 

The flowers are blooming, the baby birds are chirping and your house my be feeling flat and stuck in the winter blues. Spring cleaning is an opportunity to freshen things up. I personally love a good turn-out and a good mop round.  I thought this would be a nice opportunity to put together some of my favorite cleaning tools... seems dull but I hope you can appreciate that these seemingly inanimate objects actually play crucial roles in our everyday life. Functionality is key in creating happy spaces and happy people! 

Here are a few of my favorite shops I've been to globally for household items:


United Kingdom
Utility, Brighton 

Old Faithful, Vancouver 



Eggs and What?

Is it just me, or do most woman dream of waking up to a beautiful man making her breakfast!? Especially if its Mr. Don Draper doing the making.

In other news, I can't wait for the premiere episode of Mad Men, season five tomorrow! I know in North America the premiere was last sunday, don't let me in on any of the gosp! Here's a couple of funny videos to get you (and ME) in the Mad Men Spirit.

(videos via A Cup of JoPhoto via here)

Tuesday Top Ten | Easter Inspiration

Easter is just around the corner and spring has sprung here in London. The blooms are beginning to open and the sun is shinning. I suppose that's why I feel inspired to post an Easter post this week. What is your favorite Easter tradition? 
Mine still happens (well except this year), a big brunch! Last year was very memorable.  I was invited to share Easter with my dear friend courtney and her now four year old son. It was great to gorge on "guilt-free"chocolate, and watch him prance around in his batman costume while he hunted the house for eggs. After we went to my friends open house, candice and scott, where we continued to stuff ourselves with their Easter brunch. It really was a very special Easter. This one will be a little different, well a lot different being here in London. But I will surely find some time to eat some chocolate!

(1) Use temporary tattoos to decorate eggs (Country Life) (2) Pantone Egg Garland (how to here) (3) Just a cute bunny for an awe effect-- did it work? :) (4) Everyone I know does it: waffle, bacon, syrup combo, all at once, down the hatchet. This just makes things a little more interesting (source unknown) (5) A beautiful spring bouquet. I love the use of kraft paper and tissue paper as wrap. (6) A stunning gold-lined quail egg necklace, by stephanie smiek ($175) (7) Bunny Buns, I really want to make these! (8) Flower Lollies (9) A beautiful Easter lunch display by Gwyneth (10) Easter donuts, never heard of such a thing. Every year needs a new tradition, right!? These are beautiful, by G0bubka


Photography | Kawashima Kotori

These photos from Kawashima Kotori's book Mirai-Chan, are so sweet and playful. The adorable and mischievous character of this little girl comes through in all of her vivd expressions. 
She reminds me of my sister when we were little. Always up to no good with a soar expression on her face, she was irresistibly cute -- not much has changed. 


Let Them Eat Cake | Katie Franklin

I was reading the current issue of British Vogue (april 2012) today and came across a little blurb about katie franklin and her cake company "Pomp De Franc." Her cakes are colorful, structured and are all so imaginative. Katie's client already include British Vogue, Fred Butler, Mulberry, Net-a-Porter, Dolce and Gabbana, Stella McCartney, The W Project and so on -- you get the point, she's good!

All photos via Pomp De Franc


Fashion Show Summary | Accessories Fall 2012

Some of my favorite accessory highlights from outside the fall 2012 shows. 

I thought being an accessory designer and all I should do a round-up of my favorite accessories from the fall 2012 rtw. The layers of detail and rich embellishment this upcoming fall season was quite beautiful. Although the overall mood of the collections seemed austure, it was also ornate, with embroidery, lace, and dark colors taking centre stage in many of the collections. Long androgynous silhouettes and an abundance of sport wear detailing seem to be everywhere. Basically lux but played down. Perhaps this could be the designers reflection of our current economic situation. 
There are oodles of pieces I could spend whole paychecks on, enjoy!








Above runway photos from style.com


To Make | Fennel Tea (and my flatmates)

When I was doing my healthy eating (cleanse) in january I discovered fennel tea. Fennel tea has been used for centuries to treat digestive problems, but like most tea, there are many other benefits. Specific to fennel tea are: Gentle enough to give to babies, relaxes the muscles in the digestive tract, eases muscle spasms, it stimulates estrogen effects and is known to be effective to treat PMS, it is also great as an appetite suppressant. The licorice like taste is also really yummy. 
What is your favorite tea ritual? I love making my tea in chunky pottery, its always has the ability to soothe my soul.

and now I interupt this post with my flatmates...

I would like to introduce to you my London flatmates. China the cat, and olive the tortoise, loyal friends of my human housemate victoria.


He was very aware of the camera


Top Ten Tuesday

(1) These square ice-cream "scoops" are magical (2) Ombre tights in a variety of colors via Etsy (3) With so many friends newly pregnant, I must start knitting baby blankets (4) DIY dip-dyed baskets on Martha Stewart (5) I'm loving hints of neon. This hand crocheted neon stripe throw is especially nice (6) Smith's, the best lip balm and oh-so-pretty looking (7) New pastel spring/summer Bensimons. My version of a Converse (8) I love these classic netted bags. My mom use to have one hanging on the back of my stroller as a kid. I now use that same one as my grocery bag. They last! (9) Poka dot pants (10) Beautiful serving dishes with wood tops

Noteworthy Fashion Videos

Here are some of my favorite fashion related videos from around the net right now:

*If you haven't checked out Pardon My French, then you simply must. This series allows us a access pass during fashion month, tons of fasionista stuff from Garance Doré.

*Chanel just released this video on the care, expertise and time that go into making one of their classic blazers.

*Nonoo's video beautifully showcases their spring 2012 photo shoot for their lookbook. Makes me want to take a vacation to Italy immediately. Of course I would need all the clothes!


Spring/Summer 2012 | Emerson Fry & Hatch

Here are two very separate, fairly new, fashion brands. The only reason I'm choosing to post them together is due to their equal weight in blogger-world popularity, I hope you can agree.
I love everyday accessible fashion brands that get woman, and what they really want to wear. I realize not all woman will fall for the easy-breezy simplicity that these lines seem to represent but you have to admire the pure functionality that both brands seem to represent.
Hatch's first 14-piece collection was created last year, when designer ariane goldman, who created Two Birds fell pregnant and wanted not only maternity clothes, but clothes that she could wear before, during and after. I love the loose silhouettes, and there's not a bow in sight!
Emerson Fry (formerly Emerson Made). Is simply a stand-out woman's wear line. I love the mod tunics this spring/summer 2012. Weekend clothes at their best!

Emerson Fry 


New Blog | My Better Half

The new blog My Better Half is so cute, by Amanda Jane JonesShe features different couples, asking them to write about their different quirks and the story of how they came to be a couple. I love the graphic illustrations amanda accents each photo with. See more fetching examples on My Better Half

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