Have a Great Weekend

Hello lovelies,
It's a long weekend here! Lots of things going on in the city this weekend surrounding the Celebration of Light and Pride Parade. I'm looking forward to chilling out with a couple beverages and taking to the beaches with friends for a relaxing and most deserved short/long holiday... I may even take the plunge and try some seafood... da-dum, da-dum, da-dum...

Count Down to Greece: 23 days and counting... 

Photo via Amie's Visual Diary 

Leading Ladies (Girl) | Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning, the 13-year-old actress has had a full fledge career right out of the gate. With feature film roles that include, the successful blockbuster hit Super 8, Somewhere, I am Sam and Benjamin Button. Most recently she has been noted for her stand out style, with a fall 2011 advertising campaign for Marc Jacobs and a cover for next months Love magazine, Elle is on the rise. I admire her for her youthful style and tasteful selection of films. I can't wait to watch her already successful career take shape as she gains more years and more experience in the industry. 

Photo via Amie's Visual Diary 

In season | Hydrangeas

Hardy cloud-like hydrangeas are in season on the Atlantic Coast right now! Bill Cunnigham's "On the Street, Blue Chip" video this week reinvigorated by lust for these full volume beauties-specifically these blue-violet ones.  


Trending | Modern Homegrown Simplicity

There's something about a lightly dusted loaf of fresh bread that can send one over the edge to carbohydrate heaven at a mere glance. It is in that moment that one can appreciate just how simply and pure life can be. This morning I curated some images that gave me this same lust for a simpler life. 

Photos via Amie's Visual Diary 


Bountiful Sea

I received some good news from the allergist last week, turns out i'm not allergic to shellfish or fish! Oh happy day, summer cook outs here I come. Here is a lovely Nordic recipe for crayfish from Lovenordic can't wait to start eating. 

Wednesday Link Roundup

Jean Seberg in In the French Style, 1963

*Hair: Valentino Hair


The Study: Parisian Polished

Timeless and effortless looks that are always chic.

1. Pattern: Polka Dots
2. Look: Pencil Skirt and Button Down Shirt
3. Silhouette: Simple Shift (in Lace)
4. Print: Painterly Prints
5. Shoe: The Black Stiletto
6. Look: The Paint Suit.

Photographs via StreetStyle Aesthetic


Weekend Summary

Hello lovelies, it's true, it happened... Summer arrived here in Vancouver! I paid for my first app last week and I know that i'm very late on the Hipstomatic app craze but what can I say, that 1.99 was a real push. Here is my weekend summary in iphone photos, enjoy! 

Me saying goodbye to the Cove, one of the beaches I spent most of time at as a youngster, you know drinking beer and riding in boats with boys, that sort of thing. 

 The Parliament building downtown Victoria
 Inner Harbour, Victoria 
 Murchies, for the best hot chocolate in town, Victoria 
 Sidney by the Sea, known for the Newlywed and nearly dead. I thought this moment was super sweet.
 Rae and me at the beach, goofing around
 A little landscape
 Toes in the water
 Ladies lounging on the log at the beach
 Prehistoric palms- well I thought they looked like that 
 Cherries!!! Apparently they are the best in years here in BC.
 I wrapped up my weekend with a picnic dinner at the Jericho Beach at the sailing club. Dinner included, Zucchini and feta salad, thinly shaved Spanish prosciutto with roasted garlic and butter on a fresh sourdough baguette, finished off with fresh BC organic cherries all fresh from the Granville Island Market- yum! 


Have a Great Weekend

Hello lovelies,

I hope you have a fantastic weekend. We here in Vancouver are hoping to have a smudge of summer... I won't hold my breath. I have a weekend full of running around and ticking things off the old, "you don't live here soon so you better figure that out" list... sounds like fun eh? Yep, not at all! I hope to escape my duties and watch some local flamingo with the ladies...

Image from National Geographic December 1963

Leading Ladies | Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett is an Australian born actress. Blanchett was known as an astute student of the dramatics and dance at a young age.  She is known for playing many different kinds of roles, her amazing bone structure and alluring husky voice. I believe her to be a woman to admire due to both her talent and effortless red carpet style, in which she always takes risks but never strays away from her personal style.  I admire her strong and serious presence as a woman in a seemingly wavering industry.

Photo via Amie's Visual Diary 


Céline Luggage Tote | Classic

Immediately after its introduction it was an instant classic. Phoebe Philo's Classic Luggage Tote showcases an expandable waist and wide base (perfect for travel). The design of the bag is simple, elegant and classic. Color blocked versions of this bag are quite impressive as is the classic black, whether its in a combination of suede and soft buffalo or croc. See more Céline here

Trending | Wide Stripes

I have to confess I'm a little tired of seeing sailor stripes on every t-shirt right now but when it comes to home decor these stripes are impressive. I couldn't live with something so high contrast but in a commercial space how fun! 

Lusting Looks

Here are four looks I'm a tad obsessed with this week. I admire the simplicity and coverage that these looks have. Each look remains to have a sexiness about it, don't you think?

Ps- Dunst you have my Chloe shoes and LV bag I've been lusting over for a longtime! 

Photos via Amie's Visual Diary


Barely There Vintage Bathers | Saint-Tropez

With the summer not yet arriving here in Vancouver one can only dream of warmer and more fabulous places to be. Saint-Tropez is in southeastern France, it is located on the French Riveria, and is known for its extremely wealthy and famous guests. How fun are these vintage photographs? The giant chess board, oui s'il vous plaît! 

Saint-Tropez is surely on my must visit list when I live in FRANCE!

Runway | Resort Collections Spring 2012

I adore the aesthetic palette of Stella McCartney and Maison Martin Margiela this year. I paired them up with some images they reminded me of...

Stella McCartney 

Masion Martin Margiela 

Photo via style.com and unknown

My Favourite Fall 2011 Couture Show | Givenchy

The Givenchy couture collection consisted of just ten outfits, all in white, with minimal touches of gold. The dresses were made of tulle and lace, embroidered with clusters of tiny knots, caviar beads, hand-curled feathers and tiger-eye pearls that had been inserted with crystals to catch the light, holding nothing back when it comes to handwork. It was nice to see Riccardo Tisci abandon his "dark side" and offer a collection that was full of purity, lightness and fragility. 

Photos via style.com


Notes: The Day is Today

The day is today, the day where when I can announce my very exciting news. In one months time I will be leaving my job, packing my suitcases and moving to Europe! I'm planning on making Paris home but at this point the world is my oyster and I the pearl... I can't wait to take Orchard Press to Europe! So many things to explore and be inspired by. Follow me on my new adventure!


Notes: Westcoast Adventures with Hannah

My beautiful cousin has been with me this week in Vancouver, Hannah has returned from adventure-an adventure that has lead her around the world in the last 9 months, Canada is her last stop on route home to the UK. I took her biking on sunday, we biked the entirety of the seawall! While it was nice to embrace the city from a visitors point of view, it was her that I was enamoured with, so young, so smart and so independent. Adventures with dear Hannah, absolutely lovely.


Leading Ladies | Alice Waters

"good, clean and fair"

Alice Waters is one of the most influential figures in Americas food history, she is an American pioneer of a culinary philosophy that maintains that cooking should be based on the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients that are produced sustainable and locally. She is truly a multi dimensional, an award winning restauranteur and a cookbook author. Showcasing local food and teaching people on how to eat local, Waters focuses not only on her customers but kids as well. Her universal idea, the Editable Schoolyard Project is both a kitchen and garden, that acts as a classroom. Fifteen years later her schoolyard is changing the way people eat today, she has lead and inspired environmental and humanitarian projects around the world. 

The Art of Simple Food
In the Green Kitchen 
Edible Schoolyard: A universal idea


Programs :

Photos via Chez Panisse 


Splitscreen Love Story

I thought this splitscreen love story was adorable. This video was shot entirely on a Nokia mobile phone. 

Hopeful Brights on the Street

Photos via Amie's Visual Diary 

What's on Top of Your Toilet?

I love looking at all the different products people choose to buy and use. Personally I find it particularly painful right now that my toiletries are not merchandised, standing together like little soldiers (anal I know). It was actually this image that made me jealous. What's your favourite go to feel good product line?

Photo via Amie's Visual Diary


The Children of Russia Rich | Photography

Anna Skladmann spent years taking pictures of the mini-wealthy in their own homes in Russia. Children of the Russian elite know all to well the meaning of excess. I thought these images were particularly captivating. Can you imagine what it is like to have so much and be so little?

Read article here.

Wednesday Roundup

Photo via Amie's Visual Diary 

*Look: France vs. America 
*Graphics: Drool worthy identity
*Taste: All natural honey ice cream
*Watch: The cutest little sloth 
*Make: Who said pie? Yes please!
*Cake: Nine Cakes
*Pretty: Colors of the summer
*Travel: What to bring to Paris

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