Midweek Roundup

*Video: Pretty much the cutest video.
*Read: Intelligent Life on Grace Coddington
*Exhibit: Chihuly Through the Looking Glass, at the MA in Boston April 10-August 7th.
*Stay: The new Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. Reminds me of our 24hr trip to Portland on route to SF.
*Organize: Here is peace. And here is how you do it.
*Felt: A padded wall or what about an intricate flower.
*Not here, HERE: I would say about 90% of my work week I have wanted to be here or here.
*Washi Technique: Brown "paper" slippers.
*Hobby: Dreaming of my small seaside cabin. Built for two (at the most). Love this.
*Craft: Amazing origami.
*Look: Big Polka dots.
*Clean: Big tub.

Just Like Dinner at Nonna's | Campagnolo

Last night I went to Camagnolo for their last night of "Just Like Dinner at Nonna's." On the menu Spaghettis Meatballs, inspired by Nonna. This hearty feast was paired with an R&B Cream Ale, 
all for $19 bucks *mauh*
Next time Campagnolo's long table returns be sure to check it out! *yummy*

The Beautification of Brown

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This is MY Dream | Yohji Yamamoto

A documentary that will present the story and work of Yohji Yamamoto entitled "This is MY Dream."

Directed by Theo Stanley. The film talks about Yamamoto as a designer and his relationship with his famous "dark" approach to fashion.

Looking forward to the films release. 

Sophia Coppola Stalk | Louis Vuitton

So I have to confess, I went into the Louis Vuitton store yesterday to caress and stalk MY "it" bag. The bag is a collaboration project from a while back between Louis Vuitton and Sofia Coppola (who happens to be incredible). This bag is so beautiful, it will remain on my list for a long time, I'm in love! I know it's silly to be so in love with a thing but when that thing encapsulates your ideal design criteria, feels amazing and wants to live happily ever after with you, how can you say no! On the list... forever and always!

*I love the Navy*

Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton

Creamy, Brothy, Earthy, Hearty Soups | Read

I can hear the water hitting car tires and smooshing around on the pavement outside. I'm listening to Louis Armstrong cuddled up in bed and I don't feel like moving for the rest of day! It doesn't help matters when you come across an article about how to make creamy, brothy, earthy, hearty soups
Have a read, easy to follow "fool proof" recipes from the  NY Times.

Cubist Candle Holder

Isn't this cubist candle holder lovely? It reminds me of the candles inside the Duomo, I took this photo a  couple of weeks ago in Milan, the light coming off of these candles was enchanting. 

Lassrn's Kubus Candleholder 

Candles inside the Duomo in Milan.

Earth Tones | Right Now

Earth tones meet natural texture, complimenting with copper hues and rust.

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Aundrey Corregan photographs show the captivating beauty of bird plumage in his stuffed-bird series.


A Brief History of Title Design

The Weekend Roundup

Hello Lovelies,
How was your weekend? Mine was splendid, I think I walked a total of 6 hours over the weekend! I ticked everything off my weekend checklist, except for the Farmer's Market, which was on saturday not sunday, boo! I think the Winter Market could be on both days, don't you think? Spring has arrived, show me the goods!
 Here are a few pictures from my amazing weekend with friends and food:

 Cherry blossom trees on the Seawall delivery their blossoms, aren't they gorg?

I loved experiencing the this image in person, spring flowers breaking through the muddy grass such a sight, so fresh and hopeful!

 I would say Pizza Night at Monica's and Jeff's was a big success. I'm still full. The tomato sauce and dough as made from scratch and was so yummy! Shane brought Savary Island Pie's, Strawberry Rhubarb and Apple, this has got to be my favourite pie in Vancouver, hands down!

Granville Island was beautiful on saturday. Checking out the floating home community "Sea Village" is a must every time I'm on the island,. This kind of alternative living in the city is so unique. 
We have options city dwellers!

Brunch at Angel's was amazing, as expected!
On the Menu:
Sliced Granny Smith Apples, Toasted Almonds on Crunchy Green Salad
Bacon, Caramelized Onion and Mushroom Quiche
Home cooked Home Fries

Cinder the kitty. 

Do you love Angel's coffee table (I do)? It's from Scott Landon, one of my favourite antique dealers in town. There really great guys in there and they do custom work!

Angel's collection of blue and white dishware from Portugal (collected when she lived there) is always beautiful to eat off of. Need to go to Portugal!

And finally the "Cherry Tomato, Mozzarella, and Zucchini Pie" I made for myself on sunday night. It was a success, even thou the grocery store had run out of basil, I didn't have enough flour and I couldn't find my pie plate (still missing in action...weird). The crust was especially delicious as the recipe called for parmesan cheese to be folded into the dough (yum). I took a few liberties with the recipe and added some ingredients I had lying around such as, spinach and bacon, considering there was no basil to be found I added rosemary, garlic and celery seeds instead. This Savoury Tart would be great for lunch with a nice crisp side salad - In fact I'm having it today. I definitely recommend this recipe from MS.


On the Agenda for This Weekend

Have a lovely and relaxing spring weekend.

Here's what mine is shaping up to look like:

* Seawall walks to take a look at the budding Cherry Blossoms
* Heading to the Farmers Market  on sunday
* Brunch at Angel's new place (I know it's going to be tasty)
* Comfy Sweaters, like this one from Hetterson
* I'm going to attempt to make this Tomato, Mozzarella, and Zucchini Pie on saturday
* Pizza Party on saturday at Monica and Jeff's. Made from scratch.
* Ballerina Flats

Something in Her Look

This image from the Sartorialist caught my eye, the composition of this photograph is stunning. It immediately reminded me of Vermeer's painting "The Girl With a Pearl Earring." I think it's something about her look, very captivating.

The Classic Dress Shirt | Charvet

As much as I love trends and trend forecasting I often find when it comes to dressing myself I would prefer a more classic look, something that is not too distracting for everyday, here in lies the classic shirt need. I find it's hard to find a well crafted well tailored woman's classic dress shirt in the market place. I'm always drawn to men's shirts, in fact one of my favourite items in my closet right now is my Oscar de la Renta oversized mens shirt, which I wear to bed.  

Here is something to lust for, a custom Charvet bespoke dress shirt. The experince starts with a skilled craftesmen at Charvet that will take roughly twenty-five body measurements to create your pattern for which your dress shirt will take form from. It will take four weeks for your shirt to arrive and will cost anywhere from 450–1200 euros a shirt, depending on what material you choose. 

I can only imagine the joys of putting on a custom shirt, tailored to my own body. Just imagine the right amount of pull, resistance or slack where I like it... love it! In the meantime those who can't commit to the heavy price tag these custom shirts carry can buy Charvet shirts in Saks, Neiman Marcus and Berdorf Goodman for around $395 usd. 

Located at Place Vendome in Paris a few steps away from the Ritz, it might be worth a stalk when I'm there next month.

Others that have wore Chavert Shirts over its 150 years of making the Rolls-Royce of bespoke dress shirts include:

Coco Chanel
John F.Kennedy
Ronald Reagan
Oscar Wilfde 
Claude Monet
Henri Matisse
Andre Leon Talley
Yves Saint Laurant
Frank Llyod Wright

Soffia Coppola on Chavert shirts
"I love ordering shirts there with Anne-Marie Colba. She has great taste and is a perfectionist. I like to have a bunch when I'm shooting so I don't have to think about what I'm wearing." - From Self Service

*Click on images for sources


Woody Details

Click on images for sources. 

 Alemanys five

 Great looking Bar top

 Hill Plain House, Victoria by Wolveridge Architects

Brooklyn Bachelor, Mesh Architects.

Personally the idea of perfectly manicured lawn is so bourgeois and really unrealistic. This is a great idea a "deck" that is at ground level, it looks so modern and fresh, I would assume very "eco" friendly in the 
long term as well.

I always gawk at Muji's cities in a bag but never know what to do with it when at home. 
This is a cute idea. 

This inset wood looks like and I bet feels like butter, gorg. From Kitka Design Toronto

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