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Design | Contrasting Floor Tile

Would you op for tile over hardwood in your home? I find the contrasts created by using tile in this renovated 19th century Italian home by Groopo Architects very alluring.  Each room features a different floor of unglazed porcelain hexagonal tiles. Would you try this look?

Or, how about some of these:


Design | Urban Picnic

I'm in love with the Urban Picnic design by Jody Kocken. This modern version of a knapsack is perfect to tote your food to the perfect spot to enjoy your meal. The tied bundle holds stackable tableware and the fabric doubles as a tablecloth. 
Looking for ideas for your perfect picnic? Check-out here

Eighth Month (+) Bump Shot

We're approaching the home-stretch here. I'm almost 9 months pregnant! I can't believe it, the second trimester felt so quick. Sorry I haven't updated the blog a ton. Actually I was rushed to the hospital last week and had an unplanned three day, two night stay. All is well now with both the baby and myself. What a relief! It's amazing how quickly everything can change. I came home from the Hospital and immediately packed my Hospital bag for both baby and myself for our approaching due date. Needless to say I did not pack my bag for my emergency trip to the Hospital and ended up wearing some of Marc-Antoine's clothing during my stay...hmm I wonder who packed the bag  : )
Here is a picture of the bump last Friday...
ps-I can't wait for this and this!


Kiddo | Handmade Dolls

In a effort to cut-down on all things plastic in our home I'm trying to make a conscious effort to not introduce plastic toys to our newest arrival -- our little girl. I know this is a promise made by most new parents along with cloth diapers but I truly feel that avoiding plastic toys is feasible--perhaps more than the cloth diaper scenario! They're so many beautiful handmade products available to consumers now, you can check-out my "Kiddo"Pinterest Board for some more examples.

ps- I have falling in love with this doll for our little girl (as seen above) from jessbrowndesign.com.

Other handmade creations worth a click:

How to make a handmade doll:

For Inspiration you can watch Jean-Claude Dehix, the Marionnettiste talk about creating his dolls for Dior. Do you remember his window? It was incredible!

See more Jess Brown designs after the jump! 

Celebrate | Inspiring Table Settings

Perhaps I'm planning my next career move in catering and party planning. Currently I'm obsessed with gawking at table settings and floral arrangements. Don't you just love imagining yourself as a guest at one of these fabulous events, or better yet creating one of these events? Do you have a favorite event planner, share! Here some other images I've been looking at lately.

How lush is this setting
I love the moody color of the tablecloth and the deep jewel-toned flowers. 

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Happy First Day of Summer! | Slim Aarons

Celebrate the first day of Summer with Slim Aaron's fabulous vintage poolside photography. 

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Shopping | Girl's Baby Bloomers

There are not many things cuter in the world than a baby in bloomers--in my opinion. These images from La Dansla & Junkaholique are just so sweet.  I've been shopping for bloomers. I love the versatility of bloomers for baby, over tights with a blouse and a cardigan or under a dress. Essentially the cutest diaper cover-ups ever! I just so happen to be obsessed with Liberty Prints, like the two examples shown here.

Want to create your own baby bloomers? Click here for how to.
Not interested? You can shop them at the follow spots online:

Liberty of London
Carmel Baby & Child


Video | How To Visit a French Bakery

Every time I enter into a boulangerie here in France I feel just like a kid--which is often. 

To Make | Edible Flower Salad

Just by adding flowers a salad can be transformed into something special. Here in France you can buy edible flowers at the super market beside the pre-bagged salads. If you're lucky enough to have a garden or green space you can grow your own. I've always loved the look of rose petals and sugared violets on sweets! You can read more about using edible flowers in your cooking via 101 Cookbooks. 

Read about 43 edible flowers here

(Photo via here)


To Make | A Perfect Summer Coastal Afternoon

Inspired by all things coastal this morning. Dreaming of Summer days by the sea...

1. A classic fisherman Breton stripe top
2.  A Dream Location. Couldn't you imagine spending the Summer in this  perfect coastal spot? (via here)
3. A Coastal Summer afternoon is never fully complete without the addition of seafood. Try making "Cockles and Mussels"
4. A sun-hat with a wide-brim is perfect for lounging about under the sun. Shop J.Crew here 
5. Cool and refreshing homemade lemonade. Try Paula Deen's Southern Lemonade
6. Creating the perfect outdoor dinning table, to eat, to drink, to be merry. 

Images compiled via here


Textile Art | Mister Finch

I came across the work of Mister Finch this morning and thought here is something a little different, aren't his creations magical? You can buy Mister Finch here (or try to)!

"Wraps of thread, fabric and paper are stitched and pulled into fairytale creatures looking for new owners and worlds to inhabit."-- Mister Finch.com

Textile bees made from fake fur

Wild Mushrooms

More after the jump! 


Listen to Your Mother | Shopping for Summer Shoes

 I resisted for years buying Toms. The shoe inspired by the original flat fishing espadrilles. I have always loved their business philosophy, buy a pair and they give a pair but I suppose I saw too many "hipsters" wearing them and soon enough I couldn't stand the look. They're actually not that popular here in this region of France. I'm sure they have some success in France as they pretty much have global domination! 
My mother insisted when I was home in Canada last month that she buy me a pair, my sister her cheerleader. She explained that in my last months of pregnancy and in the heat of summer I would thank her...
Yesterday, we went to the cabin in the mountains of Alsace. After what is always an amazing meal made with fresh ingredients, often locally sourced by his father and a stunning dessert by his mother we walk it off in the mountains. Yesterday it was thirty-degrees here! We went for a two hour walk. I wore my Toms thinking I would regret the decision, second time out of the box. Nope, no regrets!  No blisters, no pain today, nothing! My eight month pregnant body says thank you! 
The lesson here is always listen to your mother and Toms really aren't so bad! 

You can shop Toms here

Other Summer shoes I love year-after-year:

Bensimons, a brand loved by all  French girls, you can shop them here.  (photo The Singular)

Traditional looking flat espadrilles, you can shop them here. (Image via here)

Look | How to Wear a Head Scarf

Every year summer rolls around and I pull out my floral silk scarf collection. I want to play. The goal,  to create the perfect head scarf look. Inevitably I end up struggling with it with long enough to give-up in a huff with nothing more than frizzy hair and a wrinkled scarf as a result.  I tried yesterday and got somewhere with the help of this tutorial! Here are other looks I would like to try this year. 

I love the idea of matching your lip color to a vibrant turban. So chic and fresh! 

See more examples after the jump! 

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